Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be

by Cliff Herman

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After releasing three albums with Self Taught and one album with Cloud City Classic, Cliff Herman drops his first solo album, Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be.

The album was five years in the making. It was a side project that developed over the years while working on Self Taught and Cloud City Classic albums.

Making this album did nothing for Cliff's health. An introverted hermit by nature, he mulled inside a dark room huffing back Swisha Sweets and guzzling 24 packs of MGD.

While contemplating the 90’s he used this mindset to select some dusty forgotten samples and write songs to evoke foggy memories of the “golden-era." A self proclaimed jack of all trades, Cliff oversaw the production of all of the beats, writing of all the lyrics, recording of all the songs, mixing and mastering.

The album features appearances from:

Anonymouz (Ill-Legitimate)
Ashleigh Eymann
Francesca Belcourt
Friends with the Help (Young Nige, Low Lux, K-Rec),
Inkspill (Cloud City Classic, Mur-diddly-urdlers)
Jay Rod (Self Taught)
Lenny Diko (Up In Your Basement)


released January 1, 2014



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Chamberlain Drive Records Presents... Vancouver, British Columbia

Chamberlain Drive is an independent record label with artists that include Self Taught, Cliff Herman, Inkspill, Cloud City Classic and Jay.

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Track Name: Why Me
now i'm,
so pissed grab a notepad quick
write my whole life story then erase that shit, seen the

fake that ya mix and how i'm tripping in this
we could debate all the time take a dip in the abyss

pull my whip to the side time is taking a piss
while ya clamp to my life set me slowly a drift

ya got me,
begging for some time watch my wrist watch tick
tick tock tick, drop some,

dead weight, let's play, chicken on the free way
heads sway, medicate thoughts like delay

delay baby what we wont bank these days
something like i love it but im sick ah getting knee scrapes

hit me like a ton of lovin crutches and a knee brace
sometimes when i wonder i say God can i get his breaks

i cant really take it why ya fuckin with my leeway
strip me down naked break my heart and what does she say


now i,
loathe this cuz the rose dont prick
used to love summer time but forget those chicks

now im,
trapped in a cage like a wronged convict
laugh all the same got my long shot wish

like my,
minds loose cuz my minds gone goose and i
hide winter time bide my time to renew

back north migrate home for the course
roll over sideways and deadbolt doors

i'm in the,
lambo, dance slow, higher than dreams
an if can go, rambo, losing my means

Im like the ,
Dimetapp juice, make my pain like soup
demonized by your eyes when the drugs go poof

slumped in my seat sweating the tears and the heat
it's like Pacino got Deniro gettin em down on the street

i try to,
lounge to the beat but end up gritting my teeth
i could of found everything but end up losing i'm weak

Track Name: Kevin Arnold
I be kicking
back lately watching hockey on the television
opposites attract thoughts on my melon

lace up my shoes and take a walk up to the corner way
face up in the news cuz im just so much like ya everyday

my neighbour, how ya doing that's crazy
so introverted D-I-Y like Fugazi

get my point or I'll just break like Schwayze
cuz some man'll pay me while another man will drain me

put my shades down enjoying the sun
take a breath my name is David know i'm boring to some

but i could care less Ferris i'll take a day off
i aint embarrassed swear this, i'm breaking it off

I grab the,
newspaper sour keys some big league chew
them old dutch salt n vinegar chips and mountain dew

i can not lose, no,
i can not lose [parker lewis]

i dont wanna live my life like this any more,
i spend my time counting money and shit, dont you know
so where my days gone, where the hell have they gone
I be wondering, wonder where my years have gone

ah crack another coca cola and just sit back lounging
think about some girls that i would love to be, hounding

p.a announcing, drinks at the fountain
hall pass hooky got more trouble than accountants

so unique yelling at cars down the street
the cul-de-sac hockey game the dreams that i keep

so sweet, i top a mound of defeat
a Boston bar daily pounding liquor to my feet

i fell asleep, seen the wheel barely creep
the dead mouse laying in the shades of defeat

strap another backpack, the money cash back
the bell rocks 3 o'clock you take your last laugh

, summer blazing in a Cadillac
lazy hanging on the street another flash back

johnny cash that, before i kissed you
swig the mickey man, my life is-this-cool

i dont wanna live my life like this any more,
i spend my time counting money and shit, dont you know
so where my days gone, where the hell have they gone
I be wondering, wonder where my years have gone